Pirouette® - Rubinstep

Pirouette® is a rather flat apple, type Reinette, with an excellent taste and very crisp flesh. It has a good tolerance against scab & mildew based on polygenetic characteristics.


Color: orange-red, easy coloring.

Size: good uniform size, mainly 75/80 mm.

Storage: easily storable until the end of December.

Good scab tolerance, based on polygenetic characteristics.

Not specifically sensitive for mildew, Nectria canker or storage diseases.


Flowering: mid-season bloom.

Production: high productions.

Growth: branches grows rather steep, but bent naturally because of the strong apical production.

Rather strong apical dominance.


Clivia & Rubin.

Holovousy, Czech Republic.


Idared, Gala, Granny Smith.