FAST LLP - Fruit Advisory Services Team

FAST LLP was established in 1981 in the centre of the UK’s main fruit growing area in Kent and now covers all the UK from two centres based in Faversham, Kent and Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Our team has been recruited from around the world, including Tasmania, South Africa, Portugal, Romania and the UK which reflects our approach to embracing cultural diversity.

The service is built on three principles:

  1. A strong team philosophy which allows individual advisors to develop their own interests and skills, whilst working together to assist the members.
  2. Independence from manufacturers and other organisations enables us to serve our growers better by providing unbiased advice.
  3. Growers are seen as more than clients – becoming members of a unique organisation dedicated to their successes and willing to contribute to the development of new ideas and techniques for the good of the membership.

Within our overall aim of providing up to the minute advice, FAST works closely with growers to achieve their own objectives in:

  • Good Agricultural Practice encompassing Integrated Crop Management and sustainable growing systems including organic production
  • Optimising crop performance
  • Improving all aspects of fruit quality
  • Developing more efficient growing systems
  • Reducing reliance on conventional crop protection methods

FAST LLP.  is testing new variaties created by ZOUK bv. 

Website: https://www.fastllp.com/

 - Nikola

Baranjski voćnjaci d.o.o

Company Baranjski voćnjaci d.o.o. is a member of the WerkosGroup, specialised in production of high quality, virus-free and certified fruittrees. With a yearly production of 900.000 plants, it's one of the leading nurseries in Southeast Europe. Their production includes 1-year-old and 2-year-old apple trees. They combine professional expertise and experience, always maintaining compliance with all relevant EU rules and standards in nursery production.

Production is fully based in Croatia, under expert supervision and in cooperation with N.V. Johan Nicolai.

Visit Baranjski: http://werkosagro.com/en/