Our company has been known for its expertise in cultivating fruit trees for over 30 years. We offer our customers pure-variety plants in uniform quality, which will generate a high yield within a short period of time.

It usually takes 2 years to grow an apple tree and 3 years for a pear tree.

Stringent demands are imposed throughout the production process with the goal of maximum output of high quality trees.

  • All cultivation work, from creating the breeds to digging up and storing the trees in refrigerated areas, is carried out by our own staff.



  • A new growing area is always planted on virgin soil. Each year, new plots are selected for this in the fertile Haspengouw soil. A great deal of thought is given to specific fertilisation and disease control with maximum respect for people and the environment.


  • Strict selection of the rootstock and breeding material: the breeding material used is mainly produced by our sister company ZOUK bvba to guarantee authenticity. The other budwood and rootstocks are bought from well-known and experienced suppliers.

  • The mild Belgian climate allows trees to be dug up early and quality sorting to take place immediately in the orchard. Quality is maintained by minimising the handling of the trees after digging up.

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  • The delivery of fruit trees is organised in conjunction with and at the request of the customer.